Job Openings

3D Animator

About the job

Rattle Studio is looking for exceptional applicants to be part of a team of passionate animators that will strongly contribute to the reputation of Rattle Studio. Our mission is to create high-quality animated characters that will compete with the industry leaders


Create keyframe animation from storyboards, 2D animatics and referential documents while aiming for the highest standards of quality
Ensure consistency from one shot to another
Follow the style and artistic vision established by the animation director
Respect deadlines and production quotas established by the coordinator and associate producer
Demonstrate analytical thinking to make the modifications asked by the animation direction
Organize his work and prepare presentation material for daily follow-ups
Participate actively in team meetings and launchings of future animated sequences


Mastery of Maya
Ability to analyze organic mouvements like height and smoothness
Excellent knowledge of all traditional animation techniques and character movement, a plus
Knowledge in visual effects, a plus
Capacity to interpret a storyboard, static or animated
Enjoy teamwork and collaboration
Ability to give its own creative touch for every sequence