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Rattle Studio have explored the digital landscape with passion for a long time

Rattle Studio creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series and live entertainment properties, meant for audiences around the world. The Company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques.

Rattle Studio innovates 3D animated feature films, original TV series, and shorts, interactive media, live entertainment, themed experiences, consumer products, publishing, and trailblazing technology.

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About Us.

Rattle Studio animation studio was set up with the aim of developing new experimental and artistic techniques of animation for television and the cinema

We Create Designs
and technology

At Rattle Studio, we are guided by our strong founding principal in the belief of visualizing a better world. Every day we seek to improve ourselves and our company by bringing that visualization to life…

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to “WOW” our customers every time and to change the world with Animation. We are an Rattle Studio, Hyderabad based company taking a new approach to producing high-quality 3D animation and graphics.We constantly seek to improve what we do and adapt to the changing environment so that our customers can get their services faster and with ease.

Our Vision

We strive maintain that our word is our commitment. We do as we say that we will do and when things don’t go as planned, we acknowledge the impact and make it right. We believe in honesty and transparency.

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